Independent Beauty Consultant

A Personal Story:

One of the greatest career moves was becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant with a trusted global name in skin care, makeup & body care. “My exposure to life as a business owner, helps me see an alternate side to being an employee,”.business oportunity

“As a beauty consultant I meet many people, which in turn helps me to develop a different outlook on life. I am able to grow in a business environment that allows me to care and focus on others.”

The May Kay consultant finds her career rewarding and fun-filled and now can help women and men meet their skin care goals and beauty needs. Knowing that she’s able to help people feel as beautiful as they should is truly rewarding. In addition to providing beauty consultations, she plans to expand her organization to offer financial empowerment seminars. The beauty consultant is truly a woman interested in helping people to reach their goals.  Her will and desire to see others meet their dream is an important motivation in her life. Her love for beauty, fashion, and cosmetics cannot be overshadowed.

The Illinois based independent beauty consultant and prides herself on years of commitment to excellent customer service. Her specialized communication skills helps her to understand the goals of her clients and help them become a reality. She continues to show leadership skills in community organizations. If you are interested in beauty services, don’t hesitate to connect with your personal beauty consultant.