How to apply stick and liner

You’ve probably searched for that very kissable lipstick and liner tip. You see all kinds of different beauty tips all the time but one of the most often asked questions is “What is the right application of lip liner as well as the lipstick”.  Let’s face it your lips are the first thing people notice next to your eyes.  Even if you’re having a bad hair day the right lip look will bright up your day. These beauty tips will help you with the right application of lip liner as well as lipstick.

Choosing an attractive shade and using the correct application, your lips will definitely have the look that you want which can last for a long period. Sassy Pink Appeal presents the best ways of how to apply lipstick and lip liner. You just might want to try them:

Before you apply lipstick or lip liner choose the right type for instance for the look you what to do. For instance there’s glossy, or matte, or even natural. Use what you think will look good on your lips. Consider your skin’s complexion and tone.

After you choose your lipstick, find a lip liner that is the same shade as your lipstick.  Using a darker lip liner was once a fashion statement but that look is now very much out-of-place with the most fashionistas.

  • Your lip liner will act as a great barrier that will prevent your lipstick from spilling out into the creases around your mouth, which ruins the look you are going for. Your lipstick application is the lasting touch added to complete your look.
  • Before you apply your lipstick, dab a small amount of petroleum jelly or lip balm on your lips for moisture.
  • Draw a thin line with a lip liner around the edges of your lips. Always start on the top lip. Work your lip liner pencil from the center of your upper lip and move in a brushing outward motion. If your lips are thin, then you can create a fuller look by extending the placement of the liner on the outer edges of your lips.
  • After the lip liner, add lipstick using a brush, the preferred method, or use the tube. Make sure that you have coated your lips evenly.
  • Use short strokes to help with this.
  • Blot any excess color with a tissue and reapply a second layer.  Use your tissue and blot this once more.
  • Take a loose translucent powder and lightly brush a layer over your lips. This will help set your makeup in place.

With these simple and easy to follow beauty tips on applying lipstick and lip liner, your lips will look perfect and feel perfect, and definitely kissable all day long.

As a beauty consultant for Mary Kay, Jeneen these are some of the very techniques she helps women learn.  If you are searching for the right shade, or want to learn more make up application tips,  contact us or browse the Mary Kay shop.

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